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Air / Gas Torch 1

Air / Gas Torch 1

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A - National Radiator Torch for use on any fuel gas, (manufactured, mixed, natural, propane, butane, acetylene, etc) with oxygen or compressed air.    

BB-125 - Torch only

BB-125S - Includes the torch and one each of tip N-1 and tip N-2.

B - BB-125-1-0 - Torch Tip, Size N 0

C - BB-125-1-1 - Torch Tip, Size N 1

D - BB-125-1-2 - Torch Tip, Size N 2

E - BB-125-1-3 - Torch Tip, Size N 3

F - BB-125-7-6 - Green Valve Wheel - Call for Availability

G - BB-125-7-7 - Red Valve Wheel - Call for Availability

H - BB-125-7-4 - Green Valve Stem Assembly

I - BB-125-7-5 - Red Valve Stem Assembly

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