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Quality Tanks

Keep your projects on track with custom tank solutions from Pacific Radiator.

With our in-house team of expert technicians, we design and manufacture custom solutions for a range of materials and applications. Your equipment specifications come first - we tailor our process to fit the job, deadline included. There’s no easier or more efficient way to get your tank replacement custom crafted than with the experts at Pacific Radiator.

“The difference in our tanks is dependability."

Choose your precision solution in:
  1. Brass
  2. Steel
  3. Aluminum
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The difference in our tanks is dependability. Custom copper and brass truck tank solutions provide consistent strength and performance, so you can get your truck back on the road, stress-free.

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We work with superior quality materials to deliver the toughest heavy-duty replacements on the market. Here at Pacific Radiator no project is too big or small for our team – the focus is quality first.

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Lifts & Loaders

From crane radiators and end loaders, lift radiators and more, we’re your go-to for construction equipment replacements. Our solutions are built to last, with accuracy and construction detail for every order.

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“You can trust that we are committed to a higher level of excellence from each individual in the organization. From the smallest to the biggest job from start to finish our customers come first.”

Manufacturers? We’ve got you covered.

Get powerful cooling package and radiator replacements for these premier manufacturers: