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Radiator Cores

Quality and reliability of product comes first for every radiator core manufactured in our facility. With experienced in-house technicians and a diverse selection of supplies, we’re equipped to offer a flexible range of custom core solutions. Whether you need a core and tank build together, or a specialized cooling system, our team is prepared to adapt its processes for your specifications.

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“Our cores have muscle. Depend on it."

We’ve built our long-standing reputation on quality custom core manufacturing, setting the standard for radiator cores across the following applications:

  1. PTO Boxes
  2. Heavy and Extra Heavy Headers
  3. Solder Coated Fins
  4. Solder Face Dipping
  5. Steel Fins
  6. Brass Fins
  7. Heavy gauge tubes
  8. Dished headers
  1. Dimple tubes 1/2 ”- 5/8”-3/4”
  2. Drawn Solder Seam headers 1/4 ”- 3/8”-1/2”-5/8” radius
  3. Center-mount and Support bars
  4. Special order steel or brass tanks
  5. Custom side channels and fittings
  6. Corner and//or Full Supports
  7. Tray and bucket headers