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Filler Necks / Caps

Filler Necks / Caps

Available for Order

We have Filler Necks available for Ford, GMC, Import, Truck, and Tractor. 

BT-FN01- Brass - Ford

BT-FN02- Brass - GM/Chrysler 

BT-FN03- Brass - Import

BT-FN04- Brass - Truck

BT-FN05- Brass - Tractor

BT-FN103- Aluminum - GMC

BT-FN105- Aluminum - Import

Caterpillar Filler Necks in Stainless Steel or Brass may be available - please call for details.

Caterpillar #4N3311 Rad Caps available upon request. Please call for pricing. 

HC33016 01 - 7lb 

HC33016 02 - 10lb

HB33016 04 - 14lb 

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